Autumn/Winter fashion picks for Mama and Baby

For Mama

Being a Mama and saving for a wedding means that I don’t have a lot of spare cash to spend on myself but I decided to treat myself with a few bits this season (a little well done for going back to work.)

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Short, black boots are a MUST for the autumn/winter. They’re so versatile and these little beauties from Primark are so so comfy with a fluffy lining and comfortable height heel.

This jumper is also from Primark. I had my eye on this one from M&S as I loved the button detail down the arm but for almost half the price I decided to go with this cute number. Not quite as well-fitting but 100x softer and more cosy.

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I’ve been looking for a nice pair of faded blue jeans for ages and I’ve finally found the perfect pair. This River Island (Amelie) pair is so comfy – not quite high-waisted but nice and soft/stretchy. It’s also lovely to find a pair that’s not frayed at the bottom! I like a nice neat hem to my jeans and that’s just too hard to find at the moment (at least in my budget!)

The hat is from Primark, I couldn’t resist a little two-bobbled hat to match Saskia (see below) especially at only £3.

The top is from the White Company sale and is definitely set to become my favourite item this season. In true mama fashion, I love my stripes!

For Baby

Babies grow so quickly and whilst this is heartbreaking it’s also great because it means there’s a constant reason to go shopping! I’m looking at these new clothes though and thinking “how did my baby get so big?!”

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As mentioned above, the White Company have recently had a sale, so I picked up a few fancier bits for Saskia this season.

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With Christmas just around the corner (yes, I did say Christmas. Sorry!) I just hadto buy this cute little snowman and stocking babygrow. Of course she’ll only be able to wear it in December but with that little collar she is going to look adorable! Plus, who can resist a baby in white? Some may think it’s boring but I love a very neutral palette for my bubba, with just a hint of colour.
Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThis cardigan has to be one of my favourite bits I’ve bought recently. Again from the White Company sale. I bought it in a bigger size so that it will last her longer and I think she’ll get a lot of use out of it. It’s going to look great over a white babygrow as the weather gets colder! (Plain white babygrows are a staple part of Saskia’s wardrobe, whatever size she is.)

The double bobble hat was one of my first purchases when I found out I was having a girl but it was from GAP last year. They have something similar here.

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I love this pair of old-fashioned pyjamas, also from the White Company sale. I’m not sure how much use we’ll get out of them as they don’t have feet but they were too cute not to add to my basket.

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I’ve recently decided that I want to re-decorate Saskia’s room in grey and white with a Winne the Pooh theme, so when I saw this blanket in Asda (in store only) I thought it was fate. She loves to stroke something as she falls to sleep and this blanket is so soft, it’s just perfect. There’s a cute Winnie the Pooh pattern on the inside as well. Gorgeous.

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As I mentioned earlier, I love a baby in a neutral colour palette and these bits from Primark are perfect. She’s just grown out of the long-sleeved vests that go with this range and I was so upset to not be able to find them again in the next size up. *note to self: always buy my favourite bits in more than one size!* I love the cute little animal print and the white and soft greys. It’s perfect. The only thing with Primark bits is that they don’t last too long. It’s fine while they’re growing as they get through clothes so quickly but think again if you have future siblings in mind!

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I hunted high and low for some other grey and white long-sleeved vests but didn’t have any luck (let me know if you find any!) so I went for this cute pack from M&S. It may be a bit more colourful than my usual taste but I love the material and the colours are quite muted – perfect for autumn.

The cardigan is also M&S – a firm favourite of mine. I think Saskia has had one in every size since she was born so I wasn’t about to break tradition. They do lots of different colours and also have a fleece lined cream one which I really loved. I couldn’t decide so I let Mr G and he chose to stick with the grey. (I might have to go and get the cream one another day…)

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Finally are a few bits I’ve bought a while ago. This little jumper from Zara is so snuggly and will, again, look gorgeous over a little babygrow. (Saskia doesn’t generally wear anything other than babygrows – they’re so easy and it’s nice to keep a baby as a baby for as long as possible. Or at least I think so!) And the other pompom hat is just a little something I picked up from Asda. Gotta love a baby in a bobble hat!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the bits I’ve picked up this season. I just thought they were too lovely not to share!

Love, Anna xox

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