Wedding update #1 – One year to go

My feelings about weddings and marriage have always been mixed & until Saskia came along I wasn’t sure it was even what I wanted. However, as soon as I saw those little blue lines, I realised how important it was to me to be a “proper family” (of course we are that already, I just want it in writing!)

Since Seb proposed to me last December wedding planning has been my favourite past-time and a great way for me to procrastinate!

I’m a very organised person so naturally almost all decisions have been made and I’ve a good idea of what needs to be done over the coming year. (Can’t belive we’re finally on the one year countdown!! This time next year I’ll be slipping into the dress and hopefully feeling stress -free and excited…)

As I said – since December I’ve been a woman on a mission, boring everyone around me with wedding talk and planning as much as possible. So far we’ve:

Booked the venue (I’ll be dedicating a whole blog post to finding our venue so keep an eye out for this!) – the gorgeous Blackstock Country Estate is perfect for our big day and I fall in love with it more & more every time I visit.

Chosen bridesmaid dresses (I’m desperate to share but I like a good surprise so will be keeping colours etc a secret.. for now..) I’ll just say this – each and every one of my bridesmaids is going to look stunning. I also bought Saskia’s Flower Girl dress yesterday eeeeek! I know it’s early days but I couldn’t resist, it was exactly what I’ve always pictured her in. My little sisters are also going to be my flower girls but we will go and pick out their dresses together, closer to the time. (I was going to say this time next year, but this time next year will be too late to go dress shopping! How exciting!)

Booked the DJ and hired a decorator – both a natural choice as they work with our venue regularly. We don’t get a choice in caterer with the venue but the menu is top-notch.

Ordered our invites from Rosetree Designs – without giving too much away, they’re even better than I could have imagined and Aimee is such a lovely woman to work with. I’m over the moon with our whole invitation experience and I hope everyone who’s invited love them as much as Seb and I do. Invites are so important to me as they’re the first taste of your wedding for many people and something that people can keep to remember the day. I still have the invitation from the first wedding (that wasn’t a family wedding) I attended last year & I think I’ll keep it forever.

Hired our photographer – the amazing Darren Buss of DB Photography Sussex. Photography is arguably the most important part of the day for me so I’ll write a whole separate post about how we chose our photographer etc. Keep your eyes peeled!

Pretty much chosen the suits although there are still elements to be finalised, such as purchasing them!

Bought little bits such as our guest book, cake topper etc.


ORDERED MY DRESS from the gorgeous Isabella Grace in Tunbridge Wells. Which I must say was a fabulous day from start to finish. Maybe once everyone has seen my dress (which I’m definitely going to keep under wraps until the big day) I’ll do a post about my dress shopping experience and finding “the one” God, I hope this dress is the one! I’m so indecisive!

I think the only major jobs to do now are to organise hair & make up and hire a florist, all of which we have appointments for coming up. Oh, and of course decide on the menu and who is actually going to be invited!

Having all of this ready makes me so excited. Can we just get married now please?

Love, Anna xox

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