Saskia’s first Christmas

Saskia’s first Christmas started much earlier than we’d anticipated after, what I’m sure was excitement, saw her wake up at 5:30am.

It’s important for me to keep family traditions alive and ever since I can remember my mother has always gone downstairs first to check whether Father Christmas has been and turn on all the fairy lights, so that’s what I did! & he had been! Saskia was so excited when she saw (of course 😉 )

Before opening any presents we gave Saskia her breakfast and had breakfast ourselves – just a simple but delicious breakfast of Belgian waffles, fruit and of course Bucks Fizz. Yum! (Saskia had porridge and a beaker of Bucks Fizz… – joking!!) I’ve always been one to delay the opening of presents, I’m not sure why!

But then we couldn’t wait any longer and got straight down to the present opening!

I love this pictures because I can pretend that she loves her rocking horse and not just the ribbon on it! & then she started trying to open everyone else’s presents!.

As Saskia is only young, we didn’t get her much (I’ll list it out in a second) but she enjoyed her presents far more than I’d anticipated, wanting to “play” with everything she opened! It was lovely to see.

Seb and I got her:

  • A few books,
  • A Winnie the Pooh teddy,
  • A Piglet rattle (when I get a chance I’m going to do her bedroom up in a Winnie the Pooh theme, so I thought it’s a good idea to start getting bits now!)
  • A Peter Rabbit bath book, and then
  • I accidentally bought her a Mamas and Papas rocking horse (pictured above) but when it came I loved it so much that I decided to keep it rather than send it back!

When people asked what Saskia wanted for Christmas my response was always bath toys and books! We definitely don’t (didn’t) have enough bath toys and I don’t think you can ever have too many books!

After celebrations at ours, we set off for my Mum’s (after a quick pop into my Dad’s to see Saskia’s youngest Aunties and Uncle.) We’d always planned to see Seb’s Mum on Christmas Day as well but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Despite being poorly (are babies always poorly on their first Christmas?!) Saskia had a lovely time at Mum’s & only napped for about five minutes when my little sis took her for a walk! By the end of the day, she looked like she’d had more prosecco than the rest of us put together! The way she was wobbling about!

Our favourite present by far was Saskia’s personalised tracksuit made by her Aunty! (Although she was spoilt absolutely rotten by her Grandma!)

Boxing Day meant we headed over to my Dad’s for second Christmas. Again, it was a great day and Saskia barely slept a wink. She saw her Great Granny who she’s only met once before and was given a lovely retro telephone from her Great Aunty and Uncle and some cool bath toys from my Dad and Step Mum. She was truly spoilt this Christmas!

Saskia and Aunty Maddie.

Saskia and Aunty Eleanor.

Daddy and Saskia taking a quick selfie…

Saskia and Uncle Jack.

Although we didn’t really do anything “special” to celebrate Saskia’s first Christmas, we had such a lovely time and I can’t wait to have many many more Christmases with our little Squish. I hope you enjoyed looking at our photos!

Did you do anything special to celebrate your little one’s first Christmas?

Love, Anna xox

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