Date night make up

Let’s start with a little before… my skin is pretty good at the moment. I don’t really do a lot to it but I’ve started using Garnier Micellar Water and I think it’s been making a difference & keeping it fresh. I also moisturise every morning. I’m not even sure what moisturiser I use – I’m just very much of the opinion that as long as you are using some kind of moisturiser that doesn’t irritate your skin, you’re all good!

I start off by applying foundation. At the moment I’m using Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation and I love it. I’m pretty pale so I used the shade 0 – Porcelian. I do a light coating all over – about three squirts from the bottle does it.

Then I focus on the eyes.

I’ve struggled lots with how to do my eyeshadow to suit me best & I do it pretty much the same way each time, just varying the shade to depend on the result I want. (Day-to-day I don’t really wear eyeshadow.)

I start by covering the lid with a lighter colour & then blend a darker colour over the eye socket bone (I have no idea if this has a name!) finally I use a dark brown in the corner of this socket bone. I do this all with my eyes open – this is very important because of the shape of my lids & to get an even look and shape on both eyes.

The colours I’ve used are:

Light – Younique, Splurge Cream Shadow in Elegant (it’s very glittery!)

Blend – MAC Eye shadow in Expensive Pink. (I love the coppery colour for this time of the year. It’s just a bit different from the usual brown I go for!)

Dark – Bobbi Brown Eye shadow in Rich Chocolate. It’s part of a very old palette & I don’t think they do it anymore but Rich Brown is very similar.

I then fill in my eyebrows using MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow. I like this as my brows are pretty thick (although patchy but me and Emma are working on this!) so it gives a more subtle look.

Once my eyes are done I put concealer under my eyes (to neaten up the edges and hide my bags!) and any other place I might need it. I then blend with a sponge and apply face powder lightly over the top with a big brush. I use MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC10 (I really am pale!) and Rimmel Stay Matte powder. (Although I always change what powder I use.)

Then comes the contour. If it’s a day time occasion, I’ll generally use a more subtle bronzer but for an evening there’s nothing I love more than my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish bronzer (Gold Deposit.) It’s got a little bit of glitter in it to add an extra sparkle. I lightly brush it just under my cheekbones, across my hairline and along the underneath of my jawbone. (In that order without putting any extra on my brush, you don’t want too much!!)

Then I use a light amount of MAC Prism Powder Blush across my cheeks and highlight below my brows, in the corner of my eyes and across my cheekbones with NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic.

To finish my eyes, I smudge a small amount of Bobbi Brown Frappe Eye Shadow (this one’s another old one and I’m not sure what the similar colour is but it’s a lightish brown) under my eyes and used Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid liner to do a small line across my lid. I’m rubbish at eyeliner so it’s only very special occasions (where I have a lot of time in case it goes wrong!) that I wear it.

After a coat of mascara (L’Oréal volume million lashes) – I used to wear lashes a lot but I’ve gone off them a bit since having Saskia, I finish the look with my favourite lipstick & lipliner combo – MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and Spice lipliner.

Et voila! There’s the finished look. It only takes me about 20 minutes!

Love, Anna xox

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