Let me introduce our story

I guess the first thing to say is “Hi and welcome!” I’m so excited to be sharing my wedding planning journey with you all, my inspiration, my top tips and anything else I think may be useful to other bride-to-bes / groom-to-bes or even just people who love a wedding (who doesn’t love a wedding?!)

A little about me

I’m Anna. I’m 23 and the (joint) eldest of eight. I am wedding OBSESSED! I can’t believe I’d never watched Say Yes to the Dress until I got engaged. I think I’m addicted to it now, even though I’ve already chosen my dress.

I’m a mama and a lover of flowers, horses, make up, interior design and Harry Potter. (I’m currently thinking of very subtle ways to inject a bit of Harry Potterness into our wedding – message me if you know of any!) I’m a girlie girl and am never happier than when I’m outdoors, on a crisp walk, in the autumn sun.

A little about us

Seb and I got together two years ago in a whirlwind romance that saw us moving in together and expecting our little Saskia within just over six months! When you know, you know right? & I certainly did know. I knew even before our first date because I’d fancied Seb from afar since about the age of 13!

It’s a good thing I did know because our first date went terribly! There were no sparks and no fireworks, oh no. In fact, I was pretty certain he had no interest in me whatsoever. After kindly paying the bill & trying to tip the waitress £250 (nerves?!) Seb got up and left. He left! No good bye, no where are you going? We could walk together? No trying his luck for a cheeky snog. Nope. He just left & left me running out the restaurant behind him (at 8:30pm!) trying to find out if the date had genuinely just ended as quickly as it had! But I guess it’s a story to tell! And as he always says when I bring it up, it worked didn’t it?! Not that I believe for a second that it was his plan, I’ve seen the texts he sent to his friends after the date – he was clearly just overwhelmed with how much he liked me 😉

Fast forward to Christmas Day 2016, we’d been together almost a year and completely out of the blue, he proposed to me – there’s definitely going to be a proposal story going up on my blog soon so I won’t give too much away… & that’s where our journey to husband and wife began and I guess that’s where this blog series starts.

We’re getting married in November – my absolutely favourite month (although Seb definitely doesn’t agree so that took a lot of persuading) and the countdown is on – 270 days to go!

I hope you’ll follow us on our journey to becoming husband and wife and to all bride-to-bes (and groom-to-bes) out there, I hope you’ll gain some inspiration from this little blog of mine. I’d love for you to all share your wedding planning experiences with me!

Love, Anna (and Seb) xox

to follow the build up to our big day: follow my blog, follow me on insta @life.with.saskiaevangeline, on Twitter @lifewithsassy or on Facebook Life with Saskia Evangeline or search #GladwishWedding on any of those. I appreciate every single follow, like and comment I get!

2 thoughts on “Let me introduce our story

  1. This is adorable!! 😍😍😍 My man proposed to me for Christmas too, we have so much in common girl! November will be here before you know it, those days will go by so fast! I can’t wait to see wedding pictures! 💕


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