The proposal

Every little girl imagines how the one they love will ask them to be their wife. Will it be public? Will it be romantic? Will it be a surprise? The possibilities are endless.

Sebastian certainly kept the proposal a secret. He kept it traditional & the only person he told was my father (to ask his permission) even my mum didn’t know & we were on holiday with her, my Nan and my sisters at the time.

We were in Center Parcs for Christmas. My favourite place at my favourite time of year – I think that’s why Seb wanted to do it then and there.

Seb arrived later than us as he had been at work & when he arrived laden with fresh flowers and my favourite sweets (Percy Pigs Fizzy Pigtails, if you must know) I was instantly suspicious. Not suspicious that he was going to propose, nope. My (super logical) pregnant mind jumped to the idea that he was going to tell me he had some kind of big secret he hadn’t told me about yet (?!?!)

Anyway, I spent the next few days worrying & he spent the next few nights tossing and turning (even more suspicious!) Never the less, we had a lovely couple of days. On Christmas Eve he made sure I knew that he needed to give me a present before we left to go to Mum’s lodge. What on earth does he want to give me that he can’t give me in front of my mother?! I remember thinking, my mind immediately jumping to the gutter. I asked him over and over if I’d like it so that I could prepare my expression when I received something completely not to my taste!

That morning I got ready in the dressing area while he “got my present ready” – I was so nervous as to what this present was (as you can imagine. I’m not very good at being a gracious present opener and pretending I like something!) But I walked out the dressing room to see the bed (freshly made) and covered in pink rose petals. In the middle was a box and two cards.

I opened the cards first and the words made me cry. Seb isn’t one to be emotional (or even overly nice..) and so reading his soppy messages from him and “the bump” made me sob. I was sobbing so much that I couldn’t even see that the box I was opening said “forever diamond”.. maybe then I would have guessed but instead I was taken completely by surprise when Seb took the box off me and took the smaller ring box (that I also couldn’t see) out and got down on one knee, tears in his eyes. (He’ll kill me for writing that!) it was so romantic but I completely ruined the moment by shouting at him “are you joking?!”

My family were delighted, of course and I got straight down to wedding planning! The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been if I was able to have a drink to celebrate! But ah well, I’ll be able to do enough celebrating on the wedding day to make up for it!

Thank you, Seb, for such a thoughtful and romantic proposal. I’ll treasure the memory forever.

He did such an amazing job choosing my ring, better than I could have done myself! Look at it!

I’d love to hear your proposal stories too so please share in the comments section!

Love, Anna xox

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