I said yes to the dress (three times!)

If anyone has watched “Say Yes to the Dress” (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?!) you’ll know what a “bridal moment” is. That moment when you feel butterflies and like you’re holding back the tears whilst looking at how beautiful you are.. but does that happen in real life? I definitely thought not.

I’ve tried on A LOT of dresses. I started when I had only just had Saskia and didn’t purchase “the dress” until almost nine months later. However, in that time I actually did say yes to the dress, twice!

Let’s start with the first dress. I’d already visited one shop and found a gorgeous dress but then I had a venue change. I mentioned in “Finding the Venue” that everything changed once we changed venue and my ideas for the dress certainly did. With my mother paying for the dress, I didn’t want to spend too much money so we headed to Wed2B – a shop that specialises in wedding dresses for under £500. I’d found a style online that I wanted to try, but when I got there I just did not like it at all! There was a dress though, very different from what I’d ever envisaged myself wearing (but you always get told that you go for something completely different from what you think, don’t you?) so we bought it. Part of the reason was because at Wed2B you buy off the hanger so if you like it, you buy it otherwise it might go.

For the next couple of weeks I had second thoughts – it was just SO different! And it felt too soon (read my post about not rushing into decisions!) so I made the really hard decision to take it back. And, oh my! I’m so glad I did!

Dress two: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always imagined buying my dress from Isabella Grace in Tunbridge Wells so naturally this was the appointment I was most excited about. Before going, I spent hours scrolling through their website, compiling a list of dresses I wanted to try. Funnily enough, dress two wasn’t on the list – can you see a theme?

The salon is impeccably decorated and filled with scents of Jo Malone so you can’t help by feel at ease. The whole experience was luxurious. I tried on some gorgeous dresses & felt beautiful but then I tried on MY dress and I could feel myself holding back the tears. Could this be a bridal moment? Stepping out from behind the curtain I was greeted, not by the cries of “it’s the one!” that I expected, but by “I don’t really like it” and no tears from my previously sobbing sister.

Of course, I felt deflated. I hadn’t expected to like this dress as much, I’d seen it online and although it was on my list, hadn’t really thought anything of it. But now that I was in it and being told that I could do better, I was devastated. Dress number two was the next dress I tried on.

Predictably, when I stepped out in the next dress my mum and sister loved it! So I second guessed myself and said yes to the dress (again!) but once I left the shop, i immediately felt that I should have taken more time.

Dress three, MY dress: I could NOT get that dress out of my mind. Every time I saw a photo of it on Instagram I’d think “wow, that’s a gorgeous dress” and then my heart would sink when I realised it was my bridal moment dress. I tried and tried to convince myself I’d chosen the right dress and bored the lucky few who had seen both dresses to death wondering if I’d made the right decision. In the end, I took the plunge and went back to the shop. I was reliably informed that I’d try on the dress I’d previously bought and realise that I was being silly, I hoped this was the case.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous than I was heading into Tunbridge Wells for this appointment. I felt so guilty and stupid for being in this situation (although I was assured I wasn’t!)

When I tried on the dress, MY dress, I knew. Both dresses were gorgeous, but I knew. This dress, the dress that made me cry was THE dress.

It was similar to one I’d tried on and loved in London – a dress I very almost bought especially as it shared it’s name with my gorgeous daughter. But once I found MY dress, I couldn’t get it out of my head – nothing could contend!

I guess the moral of the story is to take your time when choosing and whilst it’s nice to get others’ opinions, it’s how YOU feel that matters (& also, you’re not stupid or silly if you change your mind! It’s a big decision!)

I still get second thoughts sometimes, wishing I’d gone for a style I see more and more but I know in my heart I went for the right dress. It’s so ME, Seb will LOVE it & it made me cry for gods sake!!

*I know there aren’t any photos in this post, I’m trying to keep everything under wraps until the wedding so keep following me to find out all the details about the dresses! All will be revealed after the wedding with maybe a few cheeky hints along the way*

Love, Anna xox

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