Beautiful blooms & wedding flowers

Spring is in the air & with it comes lots of beautiful blooms so it’s gotten me in the mood to talk about the inspiration for mine and Sebastian’s wedding flowers.

Choosing a florist is an odd thing. You kind of just have to explain what you want and hope for the best so, like you, I won’t be able to see my actual flowers until the big day! This means that, as with most of my wedding, Pinterest has been my best friend and the following photos are where I’ve drawn inspiration for such an important element of the day.

My Bouquet

I want lots of greenery. Eucalyptus is a must, roses (of course) and maybe a few splashes of colour. We aren’t having a colour theme (so no hints here as to the colour of the bridesmaids dresses!) but pinks and dark reds are my faves!

I’m going for an undone/rustic look to tie in with our venue although I’ve heard that big bouquets like that are incredibly heavy so I’m going to have to start doing some arm exercises! (Does carrying a toddler around count??)

My bridesmaids

Having eight bridesmaids, I was worried that eight bouquets would be too much (in terms of cost and in terms of just overpowering the photos) so when I saw this I fell in love!

My florist suggested having little jars dotted around the venue for my BMs to put their flowers in after the ceremony and I LOVE this idea. Almost like extra floral decorations for free. I’m always keen on money savvy ideas to reduce the cost!

My flower girls

Does it count as being a flower girl if you don’t have a flower crown?!

I’m having three flower girls: two of my sisters (who will be 8 and 4) and Saskia (she’ll be 20 months.) I’m letting them choose their own dresses and so their crowns will be the thing that joins them all together. They’re going to look like little fairy princesses!

Button holes

When it comes to buttonholes, Pinterest has somewhat let me down because I can’t stand Gypsophila (sorry!) but I think we’ll go for the classic rose buttonhole with a lot of greenery, again, to tie in with the rest of the flowers! We both want a really rustic (but classy) feel to our day.

Centrepieces and venue

I absolutely love the colours in the first photo and as it’s November I think we can get away with quite dark centrepiece as long as they’re kept small.

It’s really important to us to have a running theme throughout the whole of our wedding whilst keeping the vibe quite relaxed so the use of eucalyptus and white roses amongst other colours, flowers and greenery will be what ties the decor together.

I can’t wait to see how everything looks on the day. We’re lucky to have a very talented florist who I can trust completely to see into our minds and deliver what we’re hoping for. She certainly delivered everything and more for Saskia’s birthday. If anyone is near the Tonbridge area, I really recommend checking her out here for all kinds of events! (this is not an ad, I just think she’s fab!)

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