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I’ve been told by so many that the day goes by in a flash, that your feet barely touch the ground, your lips barely touch your drink and you won’t know where the time has gone before it’s over. Photos are obviously a great way of remembering the day and I’ve been also been told just how important it is to know what you want from your photographer. For me, I love natural moments and so, with the help of Pinterest, I’ve put together a list of photos that I’d like to recreate on our very own wedding day (Darren, take note 😉 ) Hopefully I’ll get to do a comparison post in a few months time! It will be so amazing to see my inspiration come alive with the people who are most special in my life.

The morning

Before the madness starts! If I don’t get a photo of me & my girls looking our morning best I’ll be disappointed. My mum might have to stand on the bed to get this one!!

I will be 100% recreating this one with Saskia. It’s just too cute!

I think a sexy (but classy) boudoir shot is a MUST! What else is Seb going to have as the background of his phone forever more??

It’s probably the most expensive dress I’ll ever wear. There have to be a couple of dress appreciation photos, right?!

He’s the love of my life. An up-close shot of him looking suave af is definitely on my list! As long as he isn’t wearing the blooming watch his ex-girlfriend got him (that I’ve been trying to get rid of for three years!!)

The first kiss

I’d never thought about having the first kiss from this angle but how much better would it be to have all your loved ones in the background rather than the registrar?

Family photos

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s not a fan of “everyone stand in a line and smile” kinda photos. So I’ve looked at some more natural/fun photos for my inspiration…

I don’t know if Saskia will be too big for this one but we’re going to blooming well try! (Best get lifting those weights, Sebastian!)

My fave photos are always of Seb walking along holding Saskia’s hand. They just warm my heart. My two loves.

I’m the eldest and the first to be getting married in my family so I can’t wait for the special moments with my sisters to be captured. I think we’re all so excited (& a bit emotional!) about the fact I’m getting married so soon!! & I won’t be a Williams anymore *little cry face* I hope they don’t abandon me..

As soon as I saw this photo, I just knew it had to be recreated. If this isn’t me & my mum all over then I don’t know what is! To be honest, it will probably have to be recreated with each of my sisters in turn and then probably without me in at all!

Three generations. Need I say more? Strong hands for strong women. I love you Mummy & Nanny.

With my girls

This is just SO ME. I’m sure my girls will agree! There’s obviously the whole other issue of what you do about your dress’ social media debut.. I’ll probably talk about this another time because it’s definitely an issue playing on my brain! (I know it sounds ridiculous but this is what happens when you care *too much* about your ‘gram haha)

This ones perfect because you can’t see my girls’ ugly mugs.. better for everyone that way & hopefully no complaints! haha

I love this idea but my bridesmaids have said absolutely no way! 😦 did you do something like this at your wedding?


Those little looks that shouldn’t be missed.

I love how romantic under the veil photos look. If you’ve got a veil, you need to get your use out of it! Don’t you?!

I’m really hoping we can get a few sunset moments! It’s the whole reason for getting married in November.. not really.. well, kinda..

The little moments aren’t just for husband and wife. If anything, the little moments with my parents are much more important to capture. They’re so rare as an adult. I love the idea of pausing just before the walk down the aisle. When everyone else has gone in and you’re just waiting for your turn with your father by your side. Goosebumps!

At the venue

These are photos I’ve seen on my venue’s Instagram page that we literally have to recreate.

(The last two were actually taken by our amazing photographer!! You can visit his website here.)

The cheesy ones

Finally, are those cheesy ones that just MUST BE DONE even though everyone will probably cringe posing for them!

The classic heart hands! The day is about love after all!

Who doesn’t love toddlers pretending to be adults? and I’ve got some ready made, three year old siblings perfect for filling this role!

Last but not least…

For added cheese, I might get Saskia to cover her eyes.. in reality she’ll probably come and squish between us because she gets super jealous when we smooch!

Of course, there are so many magical moments that I’ll be wanting captured on our wedding day. This definitely doesn’t cover it all but I like to have a list to work with and you don’t want too many that it doesn’t allow for spontaneity! I honestly can’t wait.. it’s going to be like a day long photo shoot! I’ll be in my element (sorry in advance, Seb! But you do already know what you’re marrying…)

Did you make a photo inspiration list to share with your photographer?

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*almost all photos from Pinterest

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