Where are we honeymooning? – my musings

Here is a list of things I know about my honeymoon:

  1. We are leaving on 6th November (I think)
  2. It’s all inclusive
  3. Seb booked it through Kuoni (John Lewis’ travel agent because I told him he had to)

That’s it! & I won’t find out any more than that until we arrive at the airport. Or at least hopefully airport, unless we really are going to Butlins!!

So, where do I think we’re going? Well, maybe I should add to the previous list that I’m pretty sure we’re not going to Mexico. My first thought was that’s where Seb would be whisking me off to as he’s always wanted to go but he’s assured me it’s not. Not that Mexico isn’t a nice place, it’s just somewhere I’ve already been and I’d be hoping for somewhere a bit exotic (at least in my eyes!)

Eliminating Mexico, I’ve narrowed it down to three potentials (although, of course, I could be completely wrong!):

1. Mauritius

Since day one (& before we decided to do the whole “surprise honeymoon” thing, Seb has been a big fan of the idea of Mauritius & I can’t say I’d be disappointed if that’s where we did end up. Of course, Bora Bora and Tahiti are my first choice but having seen the prices I’ve set my sights a little lower! Just by a quick Google, November seems to be a good time to go as well – just as the temperatures start increasing but before the rainy season really starts… interesting…

2. The Maldives

Just as Mauritius was where Seb’s been gunning for from the start, the Maldives would have been my choice. Although slightly put off by the fact that Seb’s family went on a random holiday there recently, I’ve always wanted to go. Ever since studying it in Geography, it’s on my bucket list before it disappears! Saying that, my idea of a honeymoon in Mauritius is a little shack out in the sea with a private infinity pool and a glass floor to see the fish & I’m not sure our budget *quite* stretches to that!

3. Southern India

A fairly rogue choice, I think, but it’s come up in conversation before and I once got told by a local at the pub I worked in that I would absolutely love Southern India. It’s not really a place I know much about except for being told that it’s beautiful & amazing, so the idea has kind of stuck! I think it’s definitely got more culture than say, the Maldives, but I’m not sure if that’s what Seb would go for. He’d definitely be tempted by the idea of authentic Indian cuisine though!!

As you can see, I’m definitely going for the whole luxurious, beach vibe – with images of lying on a sun lounger, sipping cocktails, making the most of our baby free time (and probably trying not to cry at how much I miss her!) But I can’t say I’d be disappointed with a trip to Iceland or New England (although we’ll have just missed the Fall!)

Some may say Seb’s mad for taking this responsibility into his hands. I must say, I agree! But it doesn’t half add some excitement for me – I bloomin’ love surprises!! & I can’t wait to see if any of my guesses are right!

Where do you think we’re going?

Love, Anna xox

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