What I wore in a week

Let me start by saying that it’s probably not been the best week for me to do this because I’ve not been very well for half of it & so haven’t done much or worn anything but jeans… BUT that does mean it gives you an idea of just how easy a capsule wardrobe* is to style and how little effort needs to go into putting an outfit together once you take the plunge!

Also, I forgot to take a photo today because I’ve been feeling just that rubbish so it’s only six days oops! But today I wore the dark jeans, white long sleeve tee and fluffy asos jumper (you’ll see what I mean if you read on…)

Day one

I have a confession to make.. I didn’t actually get dressed until lunch time today as Saskia is at nursery in the mornings & well, I didn’t feel like it! But this afternoon was all about food shopping and working so comfort & a semi-professional look is what I was going for.

Jumper – H&M (is actually powder pink) (A nice, not too thick, rollneck jumper is an A/W staple as it’s so cosy but looks chic. I have this one in tan as well because I love it so much! It’s slightly itchy to my sensitive skin so I’m wearing a long sleeve top underneath)

Jeans – M&S (I love a pair of dark jeans and although they weren’t on my list these were a bargain at £15 so I couldn’t resist! They remind me of the old Topshop Baxter jeans that I used to LIVE IN)

Boots – ASOS (I love Chelsea boots but I can never wear black or tan ones as I feel like I’m about to go horse riding! These are from last year but these are so similar & definitely worth a purchase!)

Day two

This may look like exactly the same outfit as yesterday but it’s actually not.. same jeans, different jumper!

I always find that when I go shopping I end up feeling crap about myself but for once I didn’t in this little outfit. Effortless but still looks good – my go to mum uniform!

Jumper – ASOS (I honestly live in this. You won’t regret a purchase!)

Jacket – Missguided (I searched high and low for a jacket that was going to be super warm, slightly waterproof (maybe… as in not a teddy bear coat!) & didn’t make me feel like a dinner lady)

Shoes – Vans (need I say more? I actually got mine in a super amazon prime day deal *smug face* but I’d pay full price for them I love them that much)

Day three

Another fave outfit of mine! When the weather’s not too cold this jacket is a god send for making any outfit look a little more put together & how much do you love that it’s getting into scarf weather?! Yaaaaaas!

Jacket – H&M (I’m getting bored of writing blurbs now so I’ll only write if I have something important to say!)

Jeans – ASOS (Do not buy asos jeans. They fade so quickly & just don’t feel worth the money! I much prefer hollister jeans and they’re only like a tenner more!)

Scarf – ASOS (let’s just put all the best colours into one scarf. YES PLEASE!)Tee – ASOS (FAVE TEE EVER! Nuff said)

Day four

This outfit got so much love on my insta & I can see why. All the autumn vibes! plus, it’s so so easy to wear!

Jumper – ASOS (buy one right this minute! Although be warned, it’s very oversized. I’m 5ft8 and wearing an 8 & it’s rare that I find a jumper this long on me)

Jacket – ASOS (again, very oversized but perfect for layering!)

Jeans & Boots – as before

Day five

I never know what the weather’s doing these days but I found this quite a good transitional outfit to head down to the coast in.

Jumper – H&M (much less itchy than the other one & £7 cheaper!)

Boots – ASOS (these do not stay up but they were £18 and are apparently sexy as hell.. thanks man in van LOL!)

Scarf – Accessorize (scarf of dreams! I’m a leopard print convert, what can I say? Still think this is actually super classy though)

Day six

Guess which day my sickness reached an all time peak? Mum bun & baggy jumper life. Would still go out the house looking like this though.. will probably wear this exact outfit on a day when I’m feeling better as well. Loving this capsule wardrobe life. Much better than putting on minging trackies & feeling like a tramp. Also, I find jeans just as comfy as trackies.. anyone else?

Jeans – PLT (if you’re looking for a cheap pair of comfy mom jeans then these are great but the price is definitely accurate for the quality..)

Jumper & boots – as before

Day seven

It’s probably lucky I didn’t take a photo today because I’m super bored of writing this now.. I’ll try and do it again soonish though to showcase a bit more of the variety in my wardrobe! If you want to see more of what I’m wearing in the meantime check me out on insta @annaelizabethw_

Love, Anna xox

*disclaimer: I feel that I’ve gone a little overboard on the jumper front this season so not sure you can call it a capsule wardrobe anymore. Dammit.

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