Wedding update #3 – 1 month to go

One month to go. Where do I begin? I am stressed out! My house looks like it’s a small chain of The Range & my dreams are now almost exclusively about turning up at the alter absolutely starkers or Seb deciding he actually wants to marry my sister… fun, right? I go through a whole spectrum of emotions every single day. I’m super excited (obviously), nervous excited, happy excited and then sometimes I’m just really bloody scared! You get to do this once in your life, what if it’s not perfect?!

Of course I tell myself that it doesn’t need to be perfect, that we’ll have a lovely day whatever but I feel such a huge weight of responsibility. I’m honestly so envious of Seb – he gets to rock up to the big day and think “awh this is lovely!” Me? I’m working my arse off trying to find a creative bone in my body and on the day it’s all down to me. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not doing everything ourselves but every single decision has been agonised over & it’s the final touches isn’t it?

What if my choice to go sans colour scheme backfires and nothing goes?!

Help me, I think I’m going mad.

Saying that, I really am bloody excited. Plus, my hen weekend starts tomorrow! Woop woop bring on copious amounts of cocktails & naked men!

Wedding diet starts after that.. I’m not too late am I?! LOL I’m definitely falling into the classic trap of thinking I need to lose weight and then stuffing my face with 100 bags of crisps because I’m so stressed.. I really should take my own advice!

Love, Anna xox

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