My pre-wedding beauty regimen

One thing I’ve never been any good at is looking after my skin so about a month before my wedding (I know, cutting it fine) I decided to invest a little in my beauty regimen. I’ve never had terrible skin but my main motivation is that I’d like to go make up free for most of my honeymoon and I’d like to feel super confident in my skin! Now, I don’t have a clue so I went mainly off recommendations and here’s what I’ve been using:

Morning & evening I’ve been using Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser & Pixi Glow tonic.. I’m not exaggerating when I say I love it. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and well, glowy!

I then also decided to get myself a couple of “the Ordinary” products. I went for the “Buffet” serum and Vitamin C cream. At first I found them really amazing and they do make my skin feel incredibly soft but I’m starting to wonder if they’re clogging up my pores as I’ve suddenly broken out in blackheads (disgusting!) & I’m not sure of it as a brand.. there’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding it recently and it’s a bit of a moral dilemma for me!

I picked up all these products from asos coz why not? When you get free next day delivery and student discount!

Other than smothering my skin religiously in more products than I’ve used altogether in my life I’ve been avoiding make up (having lash extensions has made this super easy.. I don’t think I can live without them ever again!) and drinking loads of water! I genuinely think it’s this that’s made the most different to my skin and the way I feel.

I completely forgot to do anything regarding my teeth, so panic bought a teeth whitening kit that seems to be doing absolutely nothing. Fan bloody tastic. But that’s what photoshop is for right?! I’m so paranoid about how brown my teeth are, I don’t know why I didn’t do anything about it!

What did you swear by in the build up to your wedding?

Love, Anna xox

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