Gifts for the Groom

I always knew that I wanted to get Seb a pocket watch – something that can be kept forever and passed down like a family heirloom – but I wanted his present to be something so much more special. That’s when I came up with the idea of a little gift box.

I started with just a plain box (from Hobbycraft) and then wrote on the top with a paint pen. I definitely think that, for things like this, simple is better. Plus, I’m obsessed with calligraphy writing so any excuse to practice!

I then filled the box with things that would help him on the wedding day!

Mini Disaronno – to give him Dutch courage

Socks – to stop him getting cold feet

Tissues – to dry his eyes

Ibruprofen – to help his head in the morning

Pocket watch – to make sure he’s on time

I tied each item in a bow with a little handwritten label & then layered between tissue paper.

Finishing the box of with a cream ribbon.

Of course, the main present was the pocket watch – gold as Seb is definitely a gold kind of man & very simple so that I could have it engraved.

“Anna & Sebastian, 4th November 2018, 2pm, until the end of time”

What did you get your other half on your wedding day?

Love, Anna xox

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