Five Faves on a Friday #1

So, after a whopping 100 of you voted on my instagram poll, here it is.. my FIRST EVER Five Faves on a Friday post. Basically, one of my New Years resolutions is to dedicate more time to my blog and try and make more of a success of it and as part of that I’m going to be sharing five things I’ve been loving each week. Clothes, food, make up, places, people.. who knows! But I hope you enjoy reading and it gives you a little inspiration… so here goes!!


1) The Olympus Pen EPL-9

So far I am LOVING this camera. I absolutely loved my Canon Powershot G7x (and actually probably find it more intuitive to use) but I’m definitely enjoying playing around with my new toy & the (very few) photos I’ve actually taken with my pen I’m very impressed with. I’ll have to invest in a new lens to create the photos I have in mind but how could this gorgeous camera not be included in my FF?

Photos taken with my EPL-9, using my friends 45mm lens. Gorgeous!

A bonus point is just how gorgeous the camera looks!

2) Revolution Highlighter

I had a Revolution advent calendar, my first ever advent calendar and I must say their highlighters are amazing. It’s not a brand I’ve ever really used before but look at this!

Highlight heaven!

3) LOUNGE leggings and bralet

A Christmas present from the hubby and I quite literally want to live in it! I love the pink, it’s the perfect not too sickly pink but I also love the blue and the khaki! Not that I’m thinking about that kind of thing yet but it would be a great ensemble to take bump photos in… just sayyyyin’

4) Saskia’s Christmas Boden dress

I’ve never done Christmas outfits before but I’m so glad that I did because this dress looked stunning on my baby girl! I wish I’d taken more photos. It’s not too Christmassy either so I think we can get away with it until it’s too small as well! Winner winner!! Although sadly it’s sold out now but there’s still a sale going on on the Boden website!

5) GAP straight leg jeans

Being 5ft8 I have been searching high and low for a pair of straight leg jeans that don’t come half way up my calves & I have finally found some. Soft, comfortable and the perfect blue.. I have been living in them for the last week! I wish I’d bought two pairs. They were in the sale as well so only £22 BARGAIN!

& there we have it, my FIVE FAVES on a FRIDAY. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and will tune in next week to see what I’m loving next Friday. Do you agree with me on any of these things or have I inspired you at all? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!!

Love, Anna x

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