2019 at the Gladwish Cottage

At the beginning of 2018 I set a goal, a goal to organise the house little better & redecorate Saskia’s bedroom. Did that happen? Errrrm nope… of course not! Life (& wedding planning) got in the way but this year I am setting myself (or Seb and I) some home related goals that we WILL achieve. Three years to get the house in some kind of order and state that I’m proud of is normal, right?

So here they are, my goals for 2019:

Finish our new sitting room: If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while you’ll know that we’ve recently swapped around our living room and dining room. It’s the best thing we’ve done to the house and I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. So one of my goals for 2019 is to finish the living room. New curtains, a proper tv, photo frames on the wall, maybe even a carpet. The lot! I have so many ideas and I’m so excited for it to all come together. I’m really hoping this mirror comes back into stock because I’ve been eyeing it up for so long but Seb told me to wait until the January sales and now it’s out of  stock. Heartbroken!

Create some kind of organisation in the dining room: Our new dining room is going to take a lot more work to finish so for now I just want to make the best use of the space. I’m lacking a little inspiration though so we’ll see the difference a year makes!

This is all the photos you’re getting of the front room. It’s so dark and crowded at the moment (especially because of the bed bugs!)
New front door: I am SO excited about this one. Our front door at the moment is fine, its fine. BUT I’m thinking a nice, pastel coloured, rustic door would really set our property off and make me proud to come home.

& there we have it. My home related goals for 2019. I really want to start including some more interior and home renovation posts on both my blog and Instagram so make sure you give me a follow if it’s something you’d like to see!

All that’s left to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it’s good to you and that you achieve everything you hope.

Love, Anna x

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