Five capsule wardrobe essentials for Winter

Starting a capsule wardrobe can be pretty daunting so here I’ve shared my top five pieces that I find myself wearing time and time again, especially in the colder months!

Roll neck jumper

I am a knitwear addict. I can’t help myself. But I usually opt for a roll neck jumper when it’s frosty outside – mainly because day-to-day, wearing a scarf can be so annoying! (Especially when you have about three gazillion things to carry and a baby tugging at it.) I have two – a white one and a pink one and I find myself wearing them almost every day. So easy to wear and they go with everything. It also doesn’t matter what you wear underneath it because you can’t see! Winner winner!

Pleated midi skirt

This may not seem like your typical winter piece of clothing but trust me on this one. I never wear tights if I can help it. I hate them. But each to their own! A pleated midi can be dressed up or down & is the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe – it will last for all the seasons too!

Checked blazer

Don’t know what to wear? Put on a blazer. Want to look like you’ve made a bit of an effort? Put on a blazer. Not cold enough for a coat? Put on a blazer. I could go on. It obviously doesn’t have to be checked but I just love the look a checked blazer gives you. Not as formal as a block colour blazer but you still look like you’re making an effort. This one is actually a recent purchase from H&M and it’s already so worth the money I spent on it. Linked here (£15)

Straight leg jeans

*or your jeans of preference. Jeans are a staple. They always will be. End of. Being tall, I’m really loving straight leg jeans at the moment but they’re not for everyone! I’m also a big fan of mom jeans but all my pairs have broken recently so I’m on the hunt for some more that aren’t ankle swingers on me.

Camel coat

This particular item has been on my “to buy” list for longer than I can remember. It’s versatile, warm and look amazing with pretty much anything. A definite must have!

So there we have it, my top five capsule wardrobe essentials at the moment and a few looks I’ve put together with them.

I hope that it’s helped/inspired you! & remember to tag me in your capsule wardrobe posts on Instagram (@annagladers_). Whether you’re a capsule wardrobe expert or just starting out, I’d love to see what you’re putting together!

Love, Anna x

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