Painting our front door pink

It’s no secret that I’ve hated our front door for a LONG time. With an orangey-brown, “shitty plastic” (which I now know is technically called UPVC) door, there wasn’t much to love. I was determined to save up for a new door and hoped to do it by the end of 2019, resigning myself to the fact that it was going to cost well over a grand (doors are actually more expensive than you’d believe!)

So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a blog post all about painting UPVC doors! You can paint them! Once the idea was planted in my head, that was it, there was no going back.

I did a lot of research (after all the front door is something everyone can see & almost as important as getting a good hair cut, although you can’t put a hat on a crappy front door like you can some deeply regretted bangs!) and settled on using Zinsser AllCoat Exterior paint. It has some really good reviews, a built in primer and a two coat system meaning that, in total, it took me about an hour to transform our door from the Dreaded Disaster Door to the Door of Dreams.

That’s not even the best part. All in all it cost me about £25 – £20 for the paint and £5 for a new knocker! Definitely worth it compared to how much we’d be forking out for a new door! Or at least, it is at the moment… I’ll let you know how it’s lasted in a couple of months!

Top tips/things I’ve learnt:

Make sure it’s a sunny day but not too hot otherwise the paint will dry to quickly and go streaky.

Don’t wear your only pair of jeans that fit, you will get paint on them!

If your door is “wood effect” follow the grain of the wood (this can change for different parts of the door!)

1l is more than enough for a front door! I was worried I didn’t order enough paint but I have a good 3/4 of a tin left.

Don’t be afraid to really load up your brush

Always consult with your husband on the colour. Funny story, he thought I was painting the door green.

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