Baby name inspiration – girls names

Our 20 week scan is done and this little munchkin is *definitely* a boy, I’ve also booked Hubby in for the snip as a nice little birthday present ~ JOKING ~ but I can categorically say that this is our last baby! So I thought I’d do a little blog post sharing my favourite girls’ names and our shortlist for baby number two.

I’ve linked the NameBerry page for each name so you can see a bit more about meaning & popularity etc.

Feel free to use… I’ll only be a teeny bit jealous 😉

My top 10 girls names

I love old fashioned, classic names so my top seven have to be…

1. Martha – Martha Willow was my top choice if this little one was a girl

2. Audrey – Who doesn’t love the icon that is Audrey Hepburn?

3. Kitty – My top choice for Saskia but Seb wasn’t a fan. (Why do men get to have their own opinions on names?!)

4. Nancy

5. Rosalie

6. Winnie

7. Sybil – Downton Abbey’s number one fan over here & I thought Sassy and Sibby was beautiful together

I also love..

8. Emmeline

9. Thalia

10. Gabrielle

I actually have so many names saved on my phone from years of planning, dreaming and speculating – most of them girls’ names as I never dreamed we’d be having a boy! & all with corresponding middle names. So if you’re struggling for inspiration – HIT ME UP, there’s nothing I love more than talking baby names!

Our shortlist for baby number two

Our shortlist is very short. Trying to find a name that we both like when my Husband’s name choices are along the lines of Poetry and Camden is no mean feat but we came up with three names that both of us either liked or loved and here they are:

1. Xanthe Rose – First name Xanthe, middle name Rose. Xanthe means the colour yellow and as yellow roses are my absolute favourite, this name just seemed perfect

2. Leonie – We both loved the name Leonie and thought it suited Saskia very well. It’s also not too common and we loved the shortening of Leo

3. Blythe – it means to be happy/carefree and what’s not to love about that?

Let me know your favourite girls’ names in the comments! & please, please let me know if you’ve been inspired by any of the names I’ve listed! I’d absolutely love it!

Love, Anna x

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