Pregnancy Update – Thirty weeks pregnant

So here we are, the quickest thirty weeks of my life. Seeing as we’re three quarters of the way through what’s very likely to be my last ever pregnancy, I thought I’d put together a little Q&A blog post to document how I’m feeling and the journey so far…

How am I feeling?

First of all, thank you for asking! I’d love to say that I’m full of the joys of spring and experiencing the pregnancy glow that’s so often talked about but in reality pregnancy is hard. I’m guilty of fighting against this pregnancy. I’m frustrated that I don’t feel like I can function at full capacity and I’m finding it very hard to embrace my ever changing and expanding body. I try to look at my body with pride – “my baby boy is growing in there and that’s all down to me” – but I can’t help but think about how much growing there is still to go and that fills me with dread. I already feel much larger than I ever did in my pregnancy with Saskia and I’m scared about how much bigger I’m going to get!

Saying that, I’ve been much less anxious in this pregnancy which has been a complete blessing. I guess that when you have to keep it together for another little person, your brain has much less time and energy to think about the what ifs!

How prepared are we?

Not very! When I was pregnant with Saskia, I’m pretty sure we had everything ready by 20 weeks and the whole pregnancy went sooooo slowly. This time around, it’s going so quickly and we haven’t done a lot to prepare at all. I keep telling myself we’ll get organised in October but I’m getting slower and lazier with every week. All baby needs is it’s mama and somewhere warm to sleep, right?!

I made a few lists in the early days but those have since been lost and although we’ve obviously re-decorated the nursery, that was more for Saskia than for baby boy. As they’re going to be sharing, it was important to me to created a beautiful space that was Saskia’s before it became both of theirs. Saying that, the cot has no mattress and is filled with the odd bits and bobs I have picked up for baby boy (the Moses basket, a bath and a BEAUTIFUL feeding pillow I’ll be sharing soon!)

I’ve bought a handful of clothes for him (so at least he’ll be looking gorgeous…) but the more I think about it, we’re missing quite a few of the more practical items (sleepsuits, bibs etc.) Do newborn babies even need bibs? I can’t remember!

Emotionally, however, we’re so ready for him to be here!

What will the age gap be?

Saskia will be 2 years and 8 months exactly on Little Man’s due date.

How am I coping being pregnant and looking after a little one?

Well! (I think…) It’s not actually as bad or challenging as I expected. I feel a little guilty that I’m not always feeling my best and so sometimes all we manage to do is play in the house & I definitely feel guilty about how much rubbish I’ve been eating around Sass and therefore how much junk she’s been eating (ahhhhh! I really hate to admit that!) but in general it’s been not much different from usual. The hardest part is just the fact that I sometimes have to say no to her when she asks me to pick her up, or when she jumps on me and almost pushes me over (my balance is terrible!) The main difference I’ve noticed is my energy levels by the time work rolls around. I’m definitely finding it challenging to head out to work at 6pm when I’m pretty much ready for bed!

What am I most looking forward to when baby boy arrives?

So many things! Most of all, probably Brie and a Pornstar Martini… I joke (kinda!)

The idea that our family will be complete and we’ll just be spending the rest of our lives making memories as the four of us is so exciting. I’m also looking forward to watching Saskia grow as she becomes a big sister – it’s going to be so good for her and I know she’s going to be amazing. Everyone says that watching your children together is one of the most beautiful things and I cannot wait. I know it’s going to be hard and an adjustment for everyone but nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, does it?

Do I have any fears/worries about having a second baby?

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a pretty laid-back parent. I didn’t stress a lot about becoming a mama the first time around and I feel pretty much the same this time. What will be, will be. The only thing I’m conscious of is trying to make the adjustment for Saskia as smooth as possible but, then again, I know just how adaptable these amazing little people are, so I know we’ll all be fine in the end.

The only worry that I really have (other than the usual worries about the baby/labour etc.) is that my waters are going to break when I’m at a student’s house! How embarrassing would that be?! I’m planning to work right up until my due date so whilst it’s pretty unlikely, it’s a possibility! And then I worry about going back to work in January, but I don’t have a lot of choice so I’m just going to take it each day as it comes.

How did we choose our name?

Baby boy’s first name was decided a long time ago. I’m absolutely baby-name obsessed and I’ve spent years randomly bombarding Seb with names that I thought he might like and eventually he liked one of them! (I can’t wait to share!)

When I fell pregnant, I actually went off the name – wanting to choose a more traditional name, especially after a few family members had very rude reactions when shared what we’d chosen with them. But Seb was adamant and once I heard Sassy repeat the name back to us, my heart was set on it too! I’m still not used to some of the reactions we get if we do choose to share but I love the name again and I think it suits our family perfectly.

His middle names are two of my top choices for boys names and coincidentally very similar to Seb’s middle names so I think it all works perfectly together. I’m so in love with seeing his name written down & I’m pretty sure Seb loves the name too. You need a name that gives you butterflies, don’t you? That’s how we both felt with Saskia’s name as well!

Have I noticed any differences between a girl and boy pregnancy?

It’s hard to say! I’m feeling a lot bigger this time around but apparently that’s very common with a second pregnancy and nothing to do with boy/girl pregnancies. One thing I have noticed, which is absolutely fabulous, is that I’ve had next to no migraines this time around (yay!) I wonder if it’s something do with the difference in hormones boys produce compared to girls, who knows?! But I’m not complaining!

Have I had any cravings?

Yes and no. I’m definitely a random snacker, even when I’m not pregnant, so I’m not sure if anything has been a particularly pregnancy specific craving but BBQ crisps tasted amazing during the first few months. Recently, roast potatoes have been on my mind a lot!

What do I feel most comfy wearing now that bump is getting bigger?

I honestly do not know. I’d say nothing but the idea of wearing nothing isn’t that appealing to me either! Probably loose dresses, I have a long-sleeved black smock dress that I pretty much live in, but as I can’t really reach my legs to shave them any more I’m not sure how long that’s going to last. I keep meaning to put together an “Autumn bump style'” blog post so hopefully I’ll have worked it out soon. I’m looking forwards to it becoming jumper season – always my favourite time of the year!

Thank you for all your questions on my Instagram story. I’ve really enjoyed answering them and using them to capture how I’m feeling at this point in time.

Love, Anna x

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