My top five newborn “must haves”

It’s hard to know what you’re going to need for your newborn baby, even if you’ve done it before! What is actually useful and what is just an Instagram fad? So I’ve put together my top five items that have made life with a newborn SO much easier!

*this post is not in collaboration with any brands and all items have been paid for by myself. Links are not affiliate*


This is the Fornessi “large stripe” baby wrap and I love it!

I’ve always been a fan of baby wearing but after only having the Ergo 360 (a fab carrier btw!) with Saski, I decided I wanted something softer for this baby. We went with this Fornessi baby wrap and I have to say it’s worth every penny.

I was gifted a couple of ring slings and whilst they’re nice, I have to say that I prefer the wrap as it feels more secure and is (surprisingly) just as easy to tie!


Probably on par with the baby wrap as one of my favourite purchases. The fact that it’s a stand alone bath, rather than just a seat, means that we can bath him in the living room and get the whole family involved! It also means that he can share a bath safely with Saskia. It’s also probably about as stylish as a baby bath can be!

*Currently on offer on amazon*

Little hands love to get involved!


I wish we’d had one of these the first time round. Easy to use, keeps them snug, but most importantly allows their arms to be by their head. Atticus definitely sleeps for longer and more soundly when he’s all cosy inside.

I went for this one.


Still loving this the second time around. Perfect to create a more cosy space inside the next to me crib and great to take along when visiting people!

*available from lots of different places but I love this cover combination*


Inexpensive and sooo handy. I got this one from amazon and it’s made our lives so much easier. I keep nappies, wipes, cotton pads, muslins, nappy cream, nipple cream, dummies, sterilising wipes, change of clothes & snuffle babe (it’s winter after all!) inside and just move it round the house with me. Genius!

So there we go, my top five newborn essentials. I hope you find it useful! What can’t you live without? Leave a comment, I’m sure other mamas-to-be would love to hear anything you think I’ve missed!

Love, Anna x

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